Intro to us

Before I really start delving and sharing a ton about our life maybe I should give a little history about us.

Before kids I was a bartender, a pretty good one in downtown Dallas. I worked in the gay-bars, in uptown, and on lower Greenville (hipster-ville). I had sold my car and drove a moped and lived a very free spirited life with very little responsibility. I was a party girl. I went to burns. I predominately slept with girls, but was in a long term polyamorous relationship with a guy who, to the public, I always labeled my best friend. I lived the epitome of a bohemian life.

I went to a large regional burn in Austin with the aforementioned “best friend” and through some intoxicants we rekindled our relationship. Shortly after I learned that I was pregnant. He at first seemed excited about it, but within a few weeks he was scared and told me he wasn’t ready for another child. (He had one from a previous marriage) He wanted to be with me though the pregnancy but wasn’t wanting to be known as “dad” to the new child. I tried to make it work, and finally I decided to walk away from the relationship when I was 3 months pregnant.

I had my first daughter Raye, on my own. I always say it was “us against the world”. I left my job as a restaurant manager because of the hours and went into retail, where I met my current boyfriend.

He kept urging me to go out with him. I combatted with an arsenal of excuses “I predominately date women” “I have an infant” “I don’t have time”. Instead of formal dates he kept taking me to lunch. Eventually I let him into our lives and he fell as hard for my daughter as he did for me. We moved in together at our 6 month mark, and right before Raye’s first birthday we found out we found out we were pregnant with Reid. (birth control folks- if you don’t use it you WILL get pregnant)

We moved to the suburbs got a nice house, I left my job and opted for something part-time and am trying to do the stay at home mom thing and soak in my babies as much as I can.

Motherhood changed me. Don’t get me wrong- I still love a good brunch (carafe of mimosas), I still go to smaller burns, and when they grow a little larger I will probably look into opening my own bar/restaurant. But now I have little free spirits to grow. My goal is to teach that the world is both huge and small at the same time and make the most of your time in it by loving, learning, and having as many adventures as you can.


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