Always a Mess

My boyfriend just shook his head as he was leaving the house “No matter how much we clean it always turns into a mess.”

It’s true. After I finished feeding Reid (our 11 weeks old) I went to pick up the living room. I began picking up a little frustrated and then I began to smile. Because through picking up the living room I saw the journey my toddler had throughout the day. I saw her counting puzzle that she began putting together until she saw a crocodile in the puzzle, then she began Rawr-ing and running toward her sisters swing. I could see where she had collected the caps of the water bottles we had around the house. I found the dog and sheep ornaments she has managed to keep out of storage because she loves to play with them. I found a sucker stuck into the carpet because she had found a secret old stash of Halloween candy- and the smarties that were half eaten near it. I found a ton of random socks and shoes, only one of each because she kept trying to put different ones on and show me. Near that were her comb, brush, and detangling spray and her baby dolls were laying in the Boppy near it because she was trying to do their hair. I also found the play-dough she snuck into the living room during one of her sisters feedings- I had found the c0ntainer earlier that day and was awaiting the dough itself. It was still in a mound on the coffee table, hidden by a blanket. She had also moved the dog steps so she could climb up on the couch with a bottle of lotion and command that she get a foot rub. (She did-because it was adorable). And the pillows she had moved around on my couch so she could rest before bed.

My living room told her story. And honestly, it was a great one. I’m ok with the mess because it meant she had an adventure at home.



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